Modern, creative work demands terminal devices that function quickly, securely, and safely in all situations around the clock. Our experts can provide you with all kinds of workstation environment services related to planning, implementation, maintenance, and technical support. Our experts have experience starting from the days of Windows NT in supplying terminal devices and workstation environments. We can help you find skilled experts to assist with updates, data security issues, and life cycle management for workstations, mobile devices, and printers.

 We supply companies with modern terminal devices, packaged applications, and cloud-based administration services either on a project basis or as a continuous service, depending on the customer’s choice. We also offer the option of self-deploying new Windows 10 workstations with AutoPilot whenever and wherever you want.


  • Backups
  • Windows File Service (CIFS)
  • Purchase A Computer
  • Operations Desktop Support
  • Printer Support
  • Remote Access
  • Linux Workstation Support
  • Software Licenses and Downloads

support services

Workstation and support services are a part of the workstation life cycle management service. The basic service package covers keeping the data security of the customer’s workstations up to date and providing centralized change management. The service can also be supplemented with the following additional features:

  • Application packaging and distribution
  • Antivirus software
  • A total solution including
    software licenses and solution maintenance and administration
  • Measuring and reporting user experience
  • Measuring workstation user experience and preventing problems
  • A portal for superusers
  • Backup service (also available as a separate service)
  • An easy-to-use cloud-based service with an end-user-friendly user interface for file recovery
  • Operating system standardization and maintenance
  • System administration solution and its monitoring and maintenance
  • Traditional On-Premise or cloud-based solution according to customer requirements
  • The service contents can also consist of the monitoring and maintenance of the customer’s existing system.
  • The Chilit DaaS service model provides all workstation services under one agreement at a fixed monthly price

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