Whether your organization is looking to optimize the current network or transform to new core and edge devices, change manufacturers or implement SD-WAN, Vertizant’s team of network experts are ready to assist throughout the entire process.

Transitioning to the latest network technologies is a resource-intensive process in both design and implementation. Vertizant’s network consultants and CCIE’s lead organizations through the process of designing, implementing and configuring a wide variety of network technologies and manufacturers. Optimize your existing network, we can help there too. Our vendor-neutral approach aligns our goals with yours, and our solutions focus on maximizing network security and speed, at the lowest cost point. Our network transformation and optimization services can scale to any size network, from single-site locations to multi-national enterprise networks. Most network projects start with a detailed discovery and assessment of current state. Our Auto-Discovery solution provides not only a detailed asset list, but also identifies and maps VLANs and communication flows between systems. Our global coverage, tools and network expertise makes us a cost-effective option for any organization.

For large scale network deployments, Vertizant’s global logistics facilities provide secure staging areas to store hardware where our network Subject Matter Experts (SME) can build and pre-configure devices with your images/rules. Next, we ship directly to the installation site.


Vertizant can design a network for any size company. From start-ups to large enterprises with a global presence.

Our network consultants will work with your team to define future state network requirements (security, hardware, software, etc.). These requirements are the building blocks for constructing a robust network. The entire process is iterative, fluid and validated throughout, resulting in a design that not only meets business requirements, but also tailors the fit to the specific end-user groups.


Once the network design is finalized, we can implement the physical infrastructure, on a global scale. Deploying a network can be tricky, especially at locations where the appropriate staff are not available. We can take on the logistics, installation, cabling and configuration of your network from small rack & stack to acquisitions and standardizations of complete network overhauls.

Stage & Configure

Managing multiple locations has its challenges and not all locations will have a network engineer onsite. If you need help configuring your network when your IT resources are limited, let our global presence provide the support you need.

We can stage, provide VPN, ship or deploy and provide onsite remote access.


It is far too common for a network engineer to inherit a mess. Fortunately, our team has seen and remedied countless messy situations.

Our engineers are certified from various manufacturers and are well versed on multiple platforms. Our Auto-Discovery service quickly discovers and maps the infrastructure assets and the communications flow of your entire environment, allowing us to identify security risks and configuration issues. From there, our team of network architects will design an optimized solution.