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Remote Hands for your IMAC tasks

Who has time for installs, moves, adds and changes in data centers given our IT budget and resource constraints? Using your server admins and DBAs is not the best alternative, and flying technicians to your remote sites is not cost-effective. Vertizant’s global topology of technicians and engineers make us local to your data centers and remote locations. We have multiple levels of skill sets to meet any IMAC needs at pricing you can afford.


Installation and verification of new systems


Installation and verification of new systems


Addition of new accessories, memory, or processor upgrades


Change to existing configurations


Standards, certification, testing, inspection and accreditation (collectively known as the Quality Infrastructure) help businesses of all sizes and sectors to reduce costs, limit their environmental impact, improve quality, access new market opportunities, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

  • Single-vendor solution, no matter how many locations in your organization
  • Proven national and global solution
  • Local technical and engineering skill sets remove travel costs
  • Set prices per skill set and need – no guesswork


Our Remote Hands offering is for dispatched technicians on a scheduled request or an unplanned request. The dispatched technician executes client-defined tasks essentially as an extension of our client’s IT staff. There is no project management or specific deliverable as there would be in a project. Clients are welcome to work with our Professional Services group for project-related activities.

A service request can be created using several methods:

  • Phone to service desk
  • Email to service desk
  • Direct to portal

24/7 service desk to respond immediately to your calls

Nationally and globally local to your sites

Cost-effective pricing based on needed skill sets

Not a one-size-fits-all service

Technology-neutral, so you’re not dedicated to one brand

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