Vertizant IT provides reliable cisco support with 247 coverage. Our cisco support team covers every aspects of cisco maintenance and upgrading unit. We cover all aspects of cisco support i.e. hardware, software and 24×7 technical support. On the hardware end we provide labor support and carry out tasks such as rack and stack, replacing parts such as fans and PSU’s and adding modules.

We also provide break/fix service for Cisco. On the software end we configure new and existing devices, as well as install new devices. We also provide on-site engineers the necessary tool kits for the job. All tasks are carried out with the help of and real time communication with our back end support team 24/7.

Our Vertizant network of highly skilled engineers, spare parts storage facilities in multiple locations and our support team with round the clock availability and group of Cisco certified engineers working in our support center enable us to offer high-quality, reliable and efficient services at highly affordable cost to our clients.